I am a fragile glass with broken finesse. Walking through the wilderness at twilight, I see the slender woods hidden behind the dark fog.

Inhaling the misty air in-letting it swim through my eyes, lungs flirting with the absolute oxygen, wanting more; I continue walking. The forest is a mysterious entity and my atoms wish to be dissolved in its enigmatic beauty.

The moon beams filter through the canopies and a gentle breeze comes along making me sway to its fluid movement. I sit on the wild grass drenched with evening dew. I let go. The breeze plays a symphony through my hair. It’s so simple really. To be away from emotions, yours and everyone else’s and feel peaceful. The smell of the woods and the earthy mud evoke a sense of equilibrium to my vulnerable soul.

This place, with these trees and twigs, grass and the greens…everything. This is my haven. A place I call mine. These enticing woods…can I lose myself in them for as long as I breathe? Maybe.

But for now, let me just be me, while I’m here. Free from my emotions. Free from complexity. Free from this world. And free from this life…