Hi there! Such a warm, breezy day it is outside as I am slowly gliding my hands from word to word to create a symphony among the randomly-arranged alphabets swept across the keyboard. Okay no. This is who I am. Details, basically. Details overwhelm me. Gleaming motifs suffused with color. Dark shadows in narrow alleys. Subtle sunlight through the canopies. Air redolent with mist.
I love anything and everything capable of enticing me into a deep thought process. Soft drizzles. Pine woods. Streaks of freshly mown grass. I love music and literature and books and photography and travel.
Yes. perception and perspective. love and laughs. rocks and rivers. smiles and scars.
And this is what I intend to do. Write for my love for writing. The sheer pleasure. Let it be eccentric, unconventional, beautiful, what have you.
This is me. Welcome to the world of a whimsical and wandering soul.
P.S.- don’t forget to gaze through the window panes. x]