Pouring your heart out on a piece of parchment.

Painting the canvas with colors of your imagination.

Creating soulful sounds that are reminiscent of melancholy.

Expressing the chaos within through the palette of your emotions.

That’s what’s Art.


Art is just a reflection-a reflection for viewing the vibrancy of life itself. A work of art is as alive and interconnected with life as we are; it reflects a moment for sure, but each person who views it adds to it by ways of thoughts, impressions and emotions. When art finds an audience, along with its creator’s piece of soul, it grows into yet another fulfilling experience for everyone it connects with.

Seeing is believing and believing is enriching the spirit. The eye observes the unobvious. And in my eyes, art is an honest narration of an interesting journey that evolves from the very veins of its creator.

Art is like the sea. Beneath the deceptively opaque surface of this sea, lies vibrant color, exquisite form and fluid movement combined with tranquil suspension of time and matter.

Every element that meets the eye dances to a melody amidst the interplay and connection between reality, fantasy and memory. I see art in simple aesthetics. Old books, cherry blossoms, lemongrass, mist rising in the air, paper lanterns, abandoned places, a sky full of stars, polaroids, freshly cut grass, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, clouds, sunsets, rain, the smell of woods in the forest, scented candles, piano sounds, lavender, snowflakes…This. Is. Art. This is art because it inspires. When I think of these little things, I can’t help but feel peaceful. Serenity washes over me.

For example, when I do photography, my lens become my eyes. The visuals become of paramount importance and begin from the interior and move to the exterior through the eye of the camera.

The universe speaks. And it moves beautifully. The universe is a limitless study of form and many a philosophy in motion and stillness. It is the cycle of life and lifetimes and the enormity of creation itself. Art is but a glimpse of all this and the journey of the mind eager to experience more.