This sombre rain and the absence of you. Sacrilege and a Godless universe. How sleep visits slowly, like baby steps. Today is a paper plane, heading elsewhere. Each day caresses like a lover and then dies in my arms, once and for all. The battle that I’m waging to protect myself makes me the wounded warrior. Words that lie bare, like antiseptics in olive coloured refugee camps. How will they heal if they’re not applied? I’m dying to hear the symphonies of all these souls and yet, all I receive is a loudness unheard of. Deafening silence too. It’s the eyes I seek thereafter. To be friends with your shadow. The rain makes a sound without having a voice of her own, then why can’t we? Fall. That’s all I ask. Hit my senses like raindrops hit the asphalt. Touch my soul like the rain touches the dried up leaves of the dying trees. Hold me like the rain holds herself in the crevices of the Earth. My words will be washed away in the floods one day and oblivion will be the name of my song. Noah’s Ark. Home. Life. I seek none. I am willing to drown myself in you if you let me. But not without your song. Sing me to sleep. For once, let it visit and take me slowly, then all at once.