The light from the old bulb dies down slowly and in the fading of its iridescence, I find myself drunk in the very idea of your flesh. It’s mine to own and yet, your wings take flight and disappear before my eyes in an instant. You’re a known memoria, like the one Kurt Cobain sings about. Every crevice, every scar and every dream- only if you could see yourself through my eyes. Birthing fantasies at odd hours, I think about the collapse of the universe around me, within me. Everything seems to unhinge itself from the invisible clutches, it’s like a candle melting away softly in the dead of the night. Dissent is our drug and without it, we lose ourselves in the dirt of this existence. The grandeur of your garb leaves me in awe and makes me question the impossibility of it all. Scenarios of sensuality. Nyctophilia. An act of art. Gravity cannot contain me. It’s one of the gifts I have. Reveries and stars. They’re my everything. This kind of sensitivity doesn’t come easily to many. They’re all soft machines, encoding for their impending demise. It is one of my sadistic pleasures, to see them all behave the way they do. But sometimes, this cocktail I drink so fervently, it degenerates into dysfunctionality. In its wake, a rush of warm feelings render me strangely tipsy. So many of them. It feels like an overdose of a wrong prescription, that of love. But, it can’t be it. Oh, the way it consumes me entirely. Head to toe; every vein, every cell, every atom. All the time, it finds its way back to you. It’s always been that way. It’s both a blessing and a curse to see you oblivious to it. Your eyes, they seek to call me names of an eternal affection. When you’d look into mine, all you’d see is the lust for control. I don’t really know why my mind wants, almost needs to sink your body, every inch of it, into my kingdom of calamity. You produce waves and I savor their magnificent sight. You are the forest I tread when everything seems to be lost. They say, we all come with a baggage. You’ve helped me to not only unpack it, you’ve taken the baggage away from me. To the distant sea with all those waves and you’ve left me with you and I don’t know what to do except for loving you till the end of time.