I have left a trail of melted brownie crumbles,

for I’ll be tasting the stars tonight.

These fireflies, I see them dancing on my fairy lights

as they glitter in this silent winter night.

Marshmallows and coffee sips,

take me back to a simpler time

of playground swings and snowball fights

and as these strawberry cheeks glow in soft moonlight,

warmness I find in me just like those fireplace embers I see.

I’ll chase the stars hidden in pink clouds

and I’ll gaze into the weeping pallet of a winter sky.

The fog and the streetlight will make soundless music

and yet, I’ll hear it and travel places I never knew existed.

The twigs of the pine trees will make me smile and then cry,

for I’ll finally know of the magic I’ve been seeing

and even though hearts are broken under mistletoe

but passions they smolder so much more.

Half burnt candles and bright colored stockings

slow melting nights and crisp cold mornings.

Watching old movies inside the warm blankets and I’ll smile

and once again the tears will find their way through my eyes

and when it’s time for my mortal soul to breathe its last,

I’ll carry in my pocket a little flake of snow

Bearing a souvenir of immortality,

I guess, that is a good way to go.