You know how there’s this one person in your life who comes out of nowhere and suddenly means the world to you?

Well, if you do, I shake you warmly by the hand because you and I are both lucky. As for the ones who haven’t found “the person”, chances are, he or she is probably taking a nap right now. Or laughing for no apparent reason. Or pushing a door that says pull.

Isn’t it strange though? You’re doing the same old drill called life and out pops this fruitcake of a soul bursting with enthusiasm and wearing an adorable smile. And suddenly, you can’t get enough of them and no matter what, they’re somehow always there in your thoughts.

It starts so normally, really. They mispronounce your name and you remember them as the one standing next to the other random person. You two eventually get to meet again (small world, eh?) and make -exciting- small talk. (Reason no.47283 why I take weather reports so seriously.)

It’s so formal at first that it annoys you a bit. But before you realise, you get to meet everyday for the next few months because turns out, you attend a same lecture in your freshman year. *Score*

And then a little homogeneity creates an awkward friend circle with unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar habits and unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar Everything. The beautiful enigma of time presents itself along the way. The two strangers get to know each other’s set of favourite things (Chinese. ColdPlay. Books. More books. Check.) And (Chinese again. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Purple. Blue lays. Check.) Fast forward to a few more months and the idiosyncrasies and insanity emerge from the depths of the layered personalities. This is when you realise that you’ve given way too much personal information and backing out is hazardous and no longer an option.

Okay so. You’re really into this whole friendship/ destiny-ancient voodoo dichotomy/ when-did-this-happen gig. All your time is spent together and even the insults start sounding like music to your ears. The basic requisites for the bond to prosper further are fulfilled along the way- being friends with each other’s parents, random movie/lunch plans, talking incessantly about everything and Nothing and *drum rolls*, the big fight. Well, plenty of them actually.

So finally, you take the tiny pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and start assembling the parts into one integrated whole, right? And oh dear lord, the realisation.The stranger who didn’t even spell your name correctly the first time (who now happens to have a brilliant nickname for you in the history of nicknames if they were kept for aliens), is kinda-sorta-completely your truest friend that there ever was and as you realise this, you are washed over with serenity and happiness and some more of it.

One thousand six hundred and seventy five references and a pocketful of memories- that’s what we’ve got now. And each other. (Softly scribbles ‘duh’ but then backspaces because it’s ‘duh’. And lame.)

Well, then. Guess that’s all. (Miranda Priestly raincheck done.)

Am I not making sense anymore? Excellent.

-Happy birthday, love-

My work here is done.

Everyone say hi to Shreya. :’)

ย And I see you in the stars now

Soft smiles under moonlight music

Maybe our atoms exist in those flickering lanterns

And maybe we are supernovas in the making.

All I know is how you are the best of me

And maybe something more too.

For, all the unwritten verses in my mind

Speak of you like you’re the only one I know

In this vastness of life mortal

Silver glimpses of time frozen

In every memory there’s something so calming

Like finding lost stories again

Like traversing the entire universe.

And to have found you in it;

They will call it a blessing perhaps

But beyond travels this soul inside you

So far that its light lives in the stars I see

Maybe that’s how a part of you belongs to me.

P.S.- Hit me up in the comments section and tell me about “your person”. I’d love to hear from y’all. Much love.