My peripheral vision is filled with sights of desks chiseled with lonely lines and ruddy penmanship. I’m starving but so are the innumerable children roaming the mean streets, so I guess it doesn’t matter. The blackboard is chalked with words aplenty but all I see is shapes of distant constellations sprawled across the cosmos. Ruffling my hair, I gaze passively at people who mean nothing to me. Subtle smiles and dizzy conversations float from the tip of their lips but it amounts to nothing. The trees stand still and as the sun continues to bleed and roast the earth, I wonder where I belong. It’s not here, nowhere here but then I’m as far away from the answer as the white clouds chasing each other on the canvas of a pale blue sky. It makes me worried that I don’t know things I ought to know. I had sworn to not let my guard down ever and I did the exact opposite of that. It pays to be endearing and it feels majestic to drown in love. But then, why am I sitting alone in the middle of a dusty room with faded walls and gloomy ceiling fans? There are as many questions left to be answered as the number of atoms swirling impatiently inside my flesh. My bones are weak and I’m not strong but I want to hold onto every speck of thought that crosses my mind because without them, I’m nothing but a shattered piece of whisky glass. I’m wandering in a maze and my thoughts are fleetingly transient but as the hot air rises and gushes through the window panes, I’m certain of one thing- I can never be alone as long as I have these thoughts in me, growing and dying as they may be, but they exist and that’s all that matters. Looking at the trees now, it is time for me to wander elsewhere, find another drab setting and get on with this monotony because the greens may be patiently still. I, however, am not.