Teeming multitudes reside in your flesh and bones

You’re a different realm waiting to be known.

Stars glimmer in your eyes speaking of wonders within

Immortal stories are being etched on your very skin.

The entire universe lies in your soft, frail hands

On the brink of an unparalleled dimension you stand.

Chasing dreams that line the distant horizon

The world wants you to realize that now is your turn.

Your mind is a workplace for beautiful thoughts

A throbbing psychedelia in your heart you’ve got.

Your very being is as bright as lamp lit diyas

For your soul belongs to the nocturnal cosmic arenas.

You’re a mΓ©lange of meteoroids and stardust

A swirling, whirling entity filled with rainbow bursts.

You’re the shafts of sunlight falling on a golden shore

Wreathed in beauty and yet so much more.

You’re the art that’s fragile yet true

You’ve just got to remember, there’s no one like you.