Curse the soul upon which I breathe

intoxicating the aura of mind’s occult tyranny.

Casting shadows from moonlights at this ruthless life

a frayed loner is what has become of me.


Condemning every vice that I indulged so frantically in

I drift further away from my virtues now forlorn.

An acrid stench of vicious vulnerability engulfs me

making me question my very existence of being born.


My withered body transfixed at my oblivion

I realize so from the burning tears of my lively eyes.

Time whirls passively, crumbling beneath my rage

as I envy delusional tales dipped in comforting lies.


Hearing echoes in my bitter monologues

the iridescence within me dies in a whirling roar.

Craving remorse for my inescapable mortal faults

an act so intense, heralded no more.


And so I enter a hell others call their ‘paradise’

of being lost in my own head.

My threadbare self is but a tiresome warrior

of a journey that I alone have to tread.