You walk barefoot towards the blue sea. The waves soothe past you silently. You move a little bit more into the waters, leaving the trail of your footprints entirely. Another wave comes along, this time with a brutal force, rendering you unbalanced. You smile.

Rocky terrains. Scorching heat. Thunderstorms.

You have always been a lover of misery. But why? Β I never understood why.

You smile through your tears. You laugh as you cry. I never stopped you. I just watched you.

You make your way back towards me. Your skin is drenched with tiny drops of seawater, glistening softly. Speckles of sand cling to your feet as you create a pattern of new footprints.

I smile gently as I see your face. A towel perched upon your body, you sit beside me. A long, earnest gaze. I simply look into your eyes as if trying to demystify every bit of you. Your eyes reflect tranquility. You seem strong and howsoever ironical it may sound- balanced. And that’s when the blurred, hazy image of the answer to my question starts becoming crystal clear.