The other day, I went for a late evening walk.

My earphones and playlist were awaiting me but then something happened.


I gazed at the pale blue sky. The sun had softly settled behind the misty hills. I breathed in and then out. It felt different. It felt good. And that’s when I decided to tuck away my phone and earphones in the back pockets of my trousers. I walked.

As I entered the garden, I entered a different world altogether. The quaint environs with long oak and pine trees and streaks of fresh and old grass painted a picturesque view in front of my deep brown orbs. I deliberately walked slowly, so as to allow the beauty of my surroundings to drown my worries. And it helped. Slow footsteps made way for a cleansed mind somehow and I found myself growing absorbed in everything that made contact with my eyes. It was simple, yet its effects were profound.


Tiny white parachutes strewn across the greens. Yes, they were ‘just flowers’. Yet, there was something beautiful about the way they lay there. Scarlet roses, yellow orchids and wild shrubs- it was a cornucopia of pleasant colors. And then.


A crescent of milky hue rose and its silvery shade touched the entire vista. And I..I just stood there.

Absence of movement.

No train of thought.

A long, earnest gaze.

I smiled to myself and continued with the tread. It felt like basking in the simple glory of nature; drinking in the beauty of its splendors; consuming its very essence down to the last elusive drop.


All my worries, all my trivial worries were evaporated by now. It felt good.

It was time to go back. Before going back though, I looked at the park one last time. And then, I saw something else too.


This beautiful world and the world outside were separated by a mere distance of some meters. That’s it. I could hear the boisterous sounds of moving vehicles, the cacophony of mundanely busy lives, people talking among themselves, grey puffs of smoke billowing out of distant industrial units and glaring streetlights covering the length of the entire road.

For a short while, I had forgotten that the other world existed too. I was glad that I did.


It was time to trace my footsteps and go from one home to another. Yes, nature is home. It feels like one. As I walked, I saw the silver shadow of the moon again. But this time, my movement created a monochromatic shadow play where in the moon played hide and seek behind the gentle canopies of the woods.

And then the sounds followed. The soft hooting of an owl, subtle music of the insects and the distant humdrum of conversations. I took a deep lungful of dark air, and thought about how magical this ordinary moment was.


Those twenty minutes were perhaps the best part of my day that day. I felt peaceful. I felt happy.

This kind of quarantine that I experienced- this brief, fleeting moment in a day- being absolutely fluid, was a different realm indeed.

It’s these little moments, these simple things that make this life worth living. Here’s hoping for more such soul-cleansing moments. Here’s hoping we all find them and see for ourselves…the beauty that lies hidden beneath them.