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Blanketed in complete darkness with headphones on, I play ‘Clocks’ and let go.

It’s probably the only way I find it possible to dispel the darkness within and see the light in me, around me and beyond me. Music makes me happy. And sometimes, howsoever bizarre it may sound, it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s music!

Sometimes it’s about how a happy tune makes you glad, how some somber notes complement your melancholy and how music is just there for you when nobody else is. The best thing about music is how it sculpts itself according to the listeners; this effortless transition that we seldom realize. Music is essentially this magical, abstract entity with invisible arms that cuddle you in an affectionate embrace whenever you need one.

‘Clocks’ by ColdPlay has something to it that makes me feel grateful and content and peaceful. It starts with an infectious piano riff that is not only pleasing to the ears and exceedingly mellifluous in tune, but is something close to the attainment of spiritual elevation and divinity. The song picks up gentle speed but is so unhurriedly delightful in its subtle movement that the background notes of the piano linger on in your ears and mind alike. The lyrics beautifully complement the musical structure, creating a graceful symphony between themselves leading to a poignant peak which at its pinnacle, is both powerful and divine. There comes a point in the song that reprises the beginning piano riff and is followed by such musical genius and acumen in terms of the overwhelming fusion of its characteristic sounds and notes and frequencies and wavelengths that it really does something to you. I don’t even have a word for it. I can’t possibly describe what this song means to me or how it makes me feel or how much it moves me. Every time I listen to it, I discover hidden sounds in it that gives another dimension to it, completely redefining itself in a way that only a few songs can. I know it’s sheer madness, this attempt at defining a favorite song. I can’t. I. Just. Can’t.

All I can say is that even if the finest of musically appropriate expressions deluge my jargon at this moment, I’ll still find myself incapable to stitch together a coherent sentence to define this beauty. All I know is that ‘Clocks’ is what I’ll continue to feel in myself. It’s what reverberates through my soul and always will. It’s what I’ll listen to everytime I feel ANY emotion. ‘Clocks’ is not just a song. ‘Clocks’ is life.

I hope we all find such songs out there. They make this life so much easier, this world so much better and these vulnerable souls so much brighter.