Call it the evening breeze playing the notes of an awaited solstice or the placidity of a seemingly calm soul, a part of me just wants to unlock the doors of creativity and write something. Anything. So here goes.

Into a thoughtful trance
Into a thoughtful trance

A mystical wanderer, enveloped in dreamy landscapes

swaying to the winds of ecstasy, dancing to the abstract rhythms.

A kaleidoscope of emotions whirling through her veins

an uncertainty so tangible, the vitality so ephemeral.

Yet, the dreams, ever so iridescent, forge to take a flight

to transcend the fugacious frivolities

and reach for the starry skies.

Blooming dreams infused with a hope

reverberating through the quoins of her soul.

Oh these dreams! they form her haven of peace

and the corridors she desires to tread;

for her vision and longings, they unite.

Oh, tread she must

and leave a thorough trail of her journey.

A journey that shall heal her wounds

and morph her into a gallant warrior.

Whose soul will always echo the words

‘I had a dream, I had a dream.’